Special Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan is one of my favorite cocktail. Today we taste one of many variations of Manhattan.


Special Manhattan Cocktail

50 ml canadian whisky
20 ml sweet vermouth
1 tsp Campari
Stir with ice. Cocktail glass, garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Great version of great cocktail.

Flaming Sambuca

Sambuca is one of my favorite liqueur. First, I like sweet anise flavor and taste of it. Second, I like very much to ignite sambuca on saturday night and go to a club. I use, as a rule, my own method of flaming sambuca which is so similar to a traditional con mosca method.

Flaming Sambuca. Step 1. Equipment.

Prepare some equipment, which you can see on the photo. You need a big and thick-walled snifter, an old-fashioned or rocks glass, jigger, bar-spoon, napkin, straw, and matches.

Зажигаем самбуку. Шаг 1. Flaming sambuca. Step 1.

Flaming Sambuca. Step 2.

Put 3/4 – 1 oz (20 – 30 ml) of sambuca in the snifter and add 1 dash of coffee liqueur in an old-fashioned glass (I use Kahlua). If you want to drink flaming sambuca in traditional con mosca way, omit the coffee liqueur and put three coffee beans (which symbolize health, wealth and good luck) into a snifter. Use good sambuca for good results.

Зажигаем самбуку. Шаг 2. Flaming sambuca. Step 2.

Flaming Sambuca. Step 3. Flame the night.

Rotate the snifter some times and set on fire. Continue to rotate the snifter. Please operate VERY carefully.

Зажигаем самбуку. Шаг 3. Flaming sambuca. Step 3.

Flaming Sambuca. Step 4. Fire show.

Pour the flame in an old-fashioned glass.

Традиционный способ употрбления самбуки con mosca. Traditional way to drink sambuca - con mosca

I think it is beautiful.

Зажигаем самбуку. Шаг 4. Flaming sambuca. Step 4.

Flaming Sambuca. Step 5. Blow out.

Extinguish fire in this way:

Зажигаем самбуку. Шаг 5. Flaming sambuca. Step 5.

Flaming Sambuca. Step 5. Drinking of flamed sambuca.

Place the snifter over napkin with a straw in the pictured way:

The glass with hot sambuca liqueur. Бокал с горячей самбукой.

Drink a hot sambuca (warning! very, very hot sambuca may cause of burn! sip responsibly) and inhale from the snifter using a straw. Enjoy!

Luigi Cocktail

There are only few cocktails that utilize tangerine juice. However, tangerines are one of my favorite citrus fruits, so this cocktail is really a chance for me.


Luigi Cocktail

20 ml fresh-pressed tangerine juice
30 ml gin
15 ml dry vermouth
7 ml Cointreau
7 ml grenadine
Shake. Cocktail garnish, garnish with a lemon twist.