Velvet Hammer

This sweet and seducing cocktail should be sipped slowly to enjoy how this Velvet Hammer interacts with your lips and mind.


Velvet Hammer

30 ml Cointreau
30 ml coffee liqueur (I’ve used Kahlua)
30 ml cream
Shake. Cocktail glass.

Kamikaze with Balalaika

Today’s post has such an intriguing name – Kamikaze with Balalaika…
Just imagine – a Japanese suicide bomber with a Russian folk musical instrument. Great and beautiful picture, of course… (Aha-ha).


These two cocktails have only one difference – juice. Balalaika is older than Kamikaze, and as balalaika has three strings, it has three main ingredients – vodka, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice. Kamikaze should be mixed with fresh lime juice instead of lemon juice, and I have no idea how Balalaika becomes Kamikaze in that way :)

Our goal today’s frosty evening is to compare these two cocktails and explore how different citrus juices work.



25 ml vodka
25 ml Cointreau
25 ml fresh lemon juice
Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon slice.


25 ml vodka
25 ml Cointreau
25 ml fresh lime juice
Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime slice.


  1. Both drinks are admirable.
  2. Balalaika has deep and smooth citrus taste and flavor without a perceptible spirituosness. The taste and smell of Kamikaze are bright and refreshing. Kamikaze seems to taste stronger, Balalaika – sweeter.
  3. In my opinion, Balalaika is an all-the-year-round aperitif – simple but great, Kamikaze is summer strong refreshing drink.

Some notes:

  1. MUST! Use good premium vodka (not a flavored one, of course!) and Cointreau.
  2. MUST! Use only fresh squeezed juices, not syrup or juice from a carton or can (and use only fresh ripe fruits).
  3. IT IS GOOD! Chill your cocktail glasses in a freezer.
  4. IT IS GOOD! Sip slowly and responsibly.
  5. IT IS GOOD! Take no more three or four for the evening…

Two champagne cocktails

Champagne (like some other sparkling wines) is a great, admirable drink. Thank you, GOD, for such thing as Champagne!

Now we are about to imbibe two great sparkling cocktails – Death in the afternoon (for
boys) and Mimosa (for girls).


Death in the Afternoon

30 ml pastis (Pernod)
Fill glass with well-chilled champagne.
Champagne glass.


10 ml orange liqueur (like Cointreau or, better, Grand Marnier, but I’ve used Naranjas by Teichenne)
Fill glass on half with fresh pressed orange juice.
Fill glass with well-chilled champagne.
Champagne glass.