I think it is a drink for my TOP…



50 ml citrus vodka
10 ml fresh lime juice
10 ml Cointreau
20 ml cranberry juice
Shake. Cocktail glass with orange zest.

Oh Gosh!

Thank you for inspiration, Jay Hepburn, a cocktail enthusiast from England!


Oh Gosh!

30 ml light rum
20 ml Cointreau
10 ml fresh lime juice
5 ml gomme syrup
15 ml mineral water (sic!)
Shake. Strain into a Cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Эта пять! (Admirable!)

By the way. Jay specified in his recipe “mineral water” not “soda water” or simply “water”…
Therefore I’ve mixed a cocktail with plain (still) water and alkaline mineral water (my favorite
non-alcoholic drink) Borjomi. And I have not made a mistake! A version with Borjomi
has very smooth and “roundish” taste.