Fruit Daiquiri

Fruit Daiquiri is a very interesting cocktail. It has beautiful variable color, fresh, light and in some case exotic taste and so high alcogol contetnt. It is work well year around, especial on winter it give us some summer color and some fresh friuts. I investigated Fruit Daiquiri last week and have a lot of fun.


Ideal Fruit Daiquiri

40 ml white rum
20 ml fruit liqueur
30 ml lemon-lime mix
40 g fresh fruits
70 g crushed ice
Blend. Cocktail glass with fruits garnish on a rim.

I post the result of investigating this beautifull drink here.

Sangre de Agave

This cocktail was found on my favorite imbibers blog – The Cocktail Chronicles some weeks ago. Paul`s description of this cocktail is so intriguing and compositions seems me very interesting. Unusual combination of heavy rum
and reposado tequila with creme de cassis and lime (Paul`s limes were lousy… hm-m-m-m… my favorite words for describing bad quality ungredients) promise interesting taste.


Sangre de Agave

45 ml reposado tequila (Sierra Reposado Gold)
15 ml dark, heavy rum (Angostura 1919)
20 ml fresh lime juice
15 ml creme de cassis
3 ml gomme syrup
Shake. Cocktail glass.

Admirable! Very rich and interesting taste. But relatively to Angostura 1919 rest ingredients are lousy :) may be except lime…

Yellow Bird

It is small exotic cocktail from Caribbean.


Yellow Bird

30 ml white rum
15 ml Cointreau
15 ml Galliano
15 ml fresh lime juice
Shake. Cocktail glass, garnish with orange slice and optional – lime peel.