MxMo Local Flavor: Honey Pepper Manhattan

Theme of this MxMo is local flavor. Actually it is very interesting for me. I glad to present to you our ukrainian authentic alcohol drink – gorilka. Gorilka is same thing that vodka – strong drink from wheat and rye (in common case grain) rectificated spirit with different aromatic additives such as aromatic spirits from plants, berries and other. The real ukrainian taste of gorilka is unusual and very brave combination of pepper and honey. It is very cool combination I must say.

For MxMo I prepare very unusual cocktail from Honey Pepper Gorilka – Honey Pepper Manhattan. It is coctail for real man with big heart :) And bad appetite ;) It is a joke!


Nemiroff Honey Pepper Manhattan

50 ml Nemiroff Honey Pepper Original Gorilka
20 ml sweet italian vermouth
1-2 drops Angostura bitters
Stir. Cocktail glass. Garnish with a cocktail cherry.

This cocktail has unique combination of burning pepper and sweet honey taste.

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