Fraises Fizz

Fraises Fizz is my favorite fizz cocktail. This recipe was found in M. Jackson`s Bar and Cocktail Book. I prefer use smooth and light gin (like Seagrams) in this cocktail.


Fraises Fizz

45 ml gin
30 ml strawberry liqueur
2 tsp. fresh lemon juice
soda water
Shake. Serve in collins or hiball and add soda. Garnish with lemon twist and strawberry.


Campari Classic – Americano and Negroni

Campari is amazing bitter apperetif from Italy. It consist of some herbs, citrus zest and neutral spirit. Campari may provoke the appetite of a wolf :)

Campari has beautiful red (carmine) color like a sun.



30 ml Campari
30 ml sweet vermouth
soda (optional)
Build. Old-fashioned glass with lemon twist.

This admirable cocktail has very interesting bitter-sweet taste and amazing red shine.

Another classical cocktail with Campari is a Negroni. This cocktail has name of Count Camillo Negroni, who prefer Americano with gin instead soda and witn orange wheel garnish.



30 ml gin
30 ml Campari
30 ml sweet vermouth
Build. Old-fashioned glass with orange wheel.

Admirable and very reflexing cocktail. It is my choice before party!


Please give me a pizza now!!!

Aku Aku

I found this miraculous recipe due to Liqurious. Dear Trader Tiki, thank you for this cocktail. Now in my sity +32 C and this cocktail is a real rescue of my soul.


Trader Vic’s Aku-Aku

30 ml white rum
15 ml peach liqueur
15 ml fresh lime juice
60 g fresh pineapple chunks
8-10 large fresh mint leaves
1 dash simple syrup
1,5 cups crushed ice
Blend until smooth, garnish with mint sprig and pineapple wedge.

Admirable! Not for booze, but for taste!

By the way, I use one of my favorite Demerara El Dorado White as white rum for high aromatic result.