Carribean Cosmopolitan

This cocktail is my special offer for all lovers on this Valentay`s Day. This recipe of Carribean Cosmopolitan Cocktail from The Joy of Mixology, Gary Regan.

The Carribean Cosmopolitan (Коктейль Карибский Космополитан)

Carribean Cosmopolitan

60 ml Bacardi Limon
15 ml triple sec (Cointreau)
15 ml fresh lime juice
8 ml pineapple juice
8 ml cranberry juice
Angostura Bitters, to taste (I used 3 drops)
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the cherry.

Admirable cocktail for Valentain`s Day has exotic taste and great look!

Monkey Gland

This peculiar cocktail has an exciting story and two main versions – English and American. You can read very interesting article by Gary Regan here. I tested a Monkey Gland cocktail sometime ago and used an Anisette liqueur instead Pernod and it was very interesting. Now I’ve decided to explore this cocktail with Pernod, Ricard and Benedictine.

The Monkey Gland Cocktail (Коктейль Манки Глэнд)

I use the following recipe of a Monkey Gland Cocktail:

Two red cocktails (Два красных коктейля)

Monkey Gland

45 ml gin
45 ml fresh orange juice
1 tsp. grenadine
1 tsp. Pernod (or Ricard, or Benedictine)
Shake. Old-fashioned glass.

Monkey Gland Cocktail with Pernod has bright and very interesting taste. Undoubtedly, it’s my choice. I prefer to use a hot process homemade grenadine for gorgeous color and real taste.

The Monkey Gland Cocktail with Ricard has so sweet taste. It’s steel good :) By the way, you should know that some great bartenders make this cocktail with Ricard.

Monkey Gland Cocktail with Benedictine is a rather different cocktail. It has a very interesting herbal flavor and taste.

As a rule modern versions of Monkey Gland Cocktail are a bit strongest and served in a cocktail glass.

The Monkey Gland Cocktail (Коктейль Железа Обезьяны)

Monkey Gland

45 ml gin
45 ml fresh orange juice
1 tsp. grenadine
1 tsp. Benedictine (or Pernod)
Shake. Cocktail glass.

This Monkey Gland Cocktail is a real short drink. Actually, this is so interesting version, but anyway my choice is an old-style Monkey Gland Cocktail with 1 to 1 ratio. But this version is also quite good.

Moon Dust

I don`t know why I decided to mix with strange cocktail… New bottle of Galliano liqueur or my own cold-processing grenadine… God know`s!

The Moon Dust Cocktail has very strange composition – rum, vanilla, almond and pomegranate :) It is crazy drink!

The Moon Dust Cocktail (Коктейль Лунная Пыль)

Moon Dust

30 ml white rum
20 ml Galliano
15 ml fresh lemon juice
7 ml orgeat
7 ml grenadine
Shake. Cocktail glass. Garnish with green maraschino cherry.

Very sweet exotic cocktail. Amazing, but I don`t think that I will prepare this cocktail once again…