Sputnik Cocktail

This cocktail has probably been named in honor of a first artificial satellite of Earth – Sputnik. Sputnik-1 was launched during the International Geophysical Year from Site No.1, at the 5th Tyuratam area, in Kazakh SSR (now known as the Baikonur Cosmodrome).

The recipe of Sputnik Cocktail has been founded founded on Cocktail DB. An elegant mix of vodka, Fernet Branca and lemon juice balanced with sugar – it sounds interesting, right? Another widely printed recipe of Sputnik Cocktail with cream, orange juice, vodka and peach schnapps is seemed to be totally shit.

The Sputnik Cocktail (Коктейль Спутник)

Sputnik Cocktail

45 ml vodka
15 ml Fernet Branca
15 ml fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp sugar
Shake well with a lot of ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

The Sputnik Cocktail has an interesting bitter palate. It’s undoubtedly a great aperitif drink. An admirable cocktail for a real imbiber.

Caipirinha! Caipirissima! Caipiroska!

Caipirinha is simple and gorgeous cocktail from heritage Brazilian rum-like sugarcane based spirit cachaca. Caipirinha is traditional drink from local ingredients – cachaca, lime and sugar.

Caipirinha cocktail has two sister – Caipirissima (with white rum instead cachaca) and Caipiroska (with vodka instead cachaca). Both are excellent drink. Please use my photo-guide for best Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska!

First you need some key ingredients – cachaca (white rum or vodka), lime and sugar. I use sugar syrup from refined and unrefined cane sugar with 2:1 ratio. You may add sugar as crystal or powder.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 1. Cachaca, lime, rich sugar syrup (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 1. Кашаса, лайм, сахарный сироп)

Also you need some simple stuff: knife, muddler and jigger (optional).

Making of Caipirinha. Step 2. Barware - knife, muddler, jigger (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 2. Барное оборудование - барный нож, мадлер, джигер)

First cut lime on 8 chunks.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 3. Lime chunks and bar-knife (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 3. Дольки лайма и барный нож)

Next step – add sugar syrup.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 4. Lime chunks in rich sugar syrup (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 4. Дольки лайма залитые сахарным сиропом)

Muddle lime chunks with syrup.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 5. Muddled lime and muddler (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 5. Раздавленные дольки лайма и мадлер)

Pack glass with muddled lime with ice cube.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 6. Muddled lime and ice (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 6. Раздавленный лайм и лед)

You may stir your Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska. But I prefer shake this cocktail. Thus pour muddled lime with ice in metal part of boston shaker, add 2 oz. cachaca / white rum / vodka and slightly shake.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 7. Boston shaker (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 7. Бостон-шейкер)

Pour cocktail on rocks glass (don’t use a strainer, pour your Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska with ice). Serve.

The Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska (Кайпиринья / Кайпириссима / Кайпироска)

Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska

60 ml cachaca / white rum / vodka
1 small fresh lime
sugar syrup to taste (15 ml sugar syrup)
Muddle. Stir. Rocks glass.

Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska – is great, very refreshing, sweet and sour cocktail with bright and smooth taste. Enjoy with your favorite Latino music :)

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Cocktail is one of the classiс cocktail of Prohibition. Simple combination of gin, fresh orange juice and whatever liqueur (as sweetener) is ideal for masking the taste of low-quality gin. This recipe of Orange Blossom Cocktail was found in The Essential Cocktail by Dale DeGroff:

The Orange Blossom Cocktail in the goblet garnished with orange peel spiral (Коктейль Цветок Апельсина в винном бокале украшенный спиралью из кожуры апельсина)

Orange Blossom

30 ml London dry gin
10 ml Cointreau
30 ml fresh orange juice
Shake. Goblet glass, garnish with spiral orange peel.

Actually the taste of gin has principal note in this cocktail. This cocktail has strong and citrus taste.

I prepare this cocktail with orange-flavored gin for “superorange” taste.

The Modern Orange Blossom Cocktail (Современный коктейль Цветок Апельсина)

My Orange Blossom

30 ml orange gin
10 ml Cointreau
30 ml fresh orange juice
Shake. Cocktail glass, garnish with spiral orange peel.

This cocktail has bright orange taste with strong gin notes.

Also I obtain great results with recipe from my favorite CocktailDB, with sugar as sweetener. This version is well-balanced, very smooth and refreshing drink.