Rose Cocktail

The Rose Cocktail is classic cocktail which was invented in 1920-s somewhere in Europe. It contain kirsch (or kirschwasser) as main alcohol, cherry-brandy (or as Wondrich specify raspberry liqueur or Chambord) as sweetener and dry vermouth as diluent. Kirsch is rare but interesting dry fruit brandy (or eau-de-vie) from Germany and France. It obtain from specifiс cherry by pot-distillation process.

The Rose Cocktail in sugar rimmed glass (Коктейль Роза в бокале с сахарным ободком)


45 ml dry vermouth
15 ml cherry brandy
15 ml kirsch
Stir. Cocktail glass with a rim from grenadine and sugar. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

The Rose Cocktail is admirable pre-dinner drink with elegant aroma of cherry and herbal taste.

2 Replies to “Rose Cocktail”

  1. D.Cordoba готовил на семинаре кок-ль Galante.
    Bacardi Superior 50
    Dry vermouth 20
    Cherry brandy 30
    Kirsch 10
    Stir. Martini.
    Отличный, идеально сбалансированный и крепкий.

    1. Лучший способ создать оригинальный коктейль – это твистануть классику :) И это правильно!

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