Piccadilly and Gloom Raiser

A recipe of a Piccadilly Cocktail I’ve found in one of my favorite cocktail books – Cocktails and Mixed Drinks by Anthony Hogg (1979). This cocktail has rather classic composition and utilizes one of my favorite herbal liqueur – Pernod. The Pernod is a strong anise-flavored liqueur from France. It is common substitute of absinthe.

The Piccadilly Cocktail (Коктейль Пикадилли)


50 ml gin
25 ml vermouth dry
dash pastis
dash grenadine
Stir. Cocktail glass.

The Piccadilly Cocktail is an admirable strong drink with rather dry taste and light anise flavor. This cocktail is so similar to another British cocktail – the Gloom Raiser. One of version of this cocktail has been discovered by me yet. It’s so peculiar variation of famous Dry Martini. Another version of Gloom Raiser Cocktail I’ve found on CocktailDB.

The Gloom Raiser Cocktail (Коктейль Хмурый Подъемник)

Gloom Raiser

45 ml gin
15 ml vermouth dry
7 ml pastis
7 ml grenadine
Stir and strain into cocktail glass.

For this cocktail I use a homemade grenadine (by cold process) and my new vermouth – CINZANO Extra Dry. As Michael Jackson recommends I squeeze a bit of aromatic oils from lemon peel over my Gloom Raiser. The result is perfect! The Gloom Raiser Cocktail in this proportions is amazing and awesome drink. It has so strong taste with bright anise flavor with sweet interesting palate.

Orange Bloom

This interesting rare cocktail was found in CocktailDB. The Orange Bloom Cocktail is classic combination of three classic cocktails ingredients – gin, vermouth and Cointreau.

The beauty Orange Bloom Cocktail garnished with red maraschino cherry (Очень красивый коктейль Цветок Апельсина украшенный красной мараскиновой вишней)

Orange Bloom

45 ml gin
15 ml sweet vermouth
15 ml Cointreau
Stir and strain into cocktail glass. Add cherry.

The Orange Bloom Cocktail has beautiful gold-orange color and great strong and sweet taste with aromatic orange and herbal notes. It is admirable drink.

Metropolitan Cocktail

This interesting modern cocktail was found on the Dale`s DeGroff site. The Metropolitan cocktail is so close to the Cosmopolitan, but use black currant vodka instead citron vodka. Dale DeGroff inform that author of this version of the Metropolitan Сocktail is Mike Hewett at Marion`s Bar on the Bowery in the NYC. Site and two books – The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale DeGroff and The Essential Cocktail by Dale DeGroff has similar composition but different proportions. This proportion was found on the Dale`s DeGroff site.

The Metropolitan Cocktail in the dark (Коктейль Метрополитан)


60 ml Absolut Kurant
15 ml cranberry juice
8 ml Roses lime juice
8ml fresh lime juice
Shake with ice and pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

The Metropolitan Cocktail is admirable cocktail with strong and dilicious currant taste with a hint of citrus. For more smooth, light and sweet cocktail you may to decrease the amount of vodka to 45 ml and inrease the amount of cranberry juice to 20 ml and lime syrup to 15 ml (as in The Essential Cocktail by Dale DeGroff specified).