Happy Saint Valentine`s Day – Golden Cadillac and Creme Brulee Martini

The Golden Cadillac Cocktail is one of the famous after-dinner cocktail from Alexander`s family. It was invented at Poor Red`s Saloon in El Dorado, California, near Sutter`s Mill, which was Gold Rush territory, hence the name (or only half of the name :) ). It has composition similar to Alexander – spirit, liqueur, cream. Simply and very tasty. This kind of cocktail is great stuff for St. Valentine`s Day evening.

The Golden Cadillaс Cocktail garnished with ground-cherry (Коктейль Золотой Кадиллак украшенный физалисом)

Golden Cadillac

30 ml Galliano
30 ml creme de cacao white
30 ml cream
Shake vigorously and pour in a cocktail glass.

Salvatore ‘The Maestro’ Calabrese garnish some of creamy cocktail with ground-cherry. I think that is great idea. A ground-cherry is very interesting and good-looking garnish for cocktails.

The pretty white cocktail garnished with cape gooseberry (Белый коктейль украшенный физалисом)

The Golden Cadillac Cocktail has sweet, creamy taste with chocolate and vanilla with a hint of spices palate. It is admirable cocktail.

My next choice for Valentine`s evening is modern Creme Brulee Martini. This recipe was found on the so interesting site – Cocktail Times. It is so rare chance to use in cocktails another interesting italian hazelnut liqueur – Frangelico.

The Creme Brulee Martini Cocktail garnished with orange peel heart (Коктейль Крем-брюле Мартини украшенный сердечком из апельсиновой кожуры)

Creme Brulee Martini

45 ml vanilla-flavored vodka
30 ml Frangelico
15 ml Cointreau
30 ml half and half
Shake. Pour in a cocktail glass and garnish with a vanilla stick.

I use Absolut Vanilla in my cocktail. The result are excellent. The Creme Brulee Martini is sweet creamy cocktail with comlex palate. It is like an ice-cream from my childhood.


The Paradise Cocktail was invented by Harry Craddock and it is a pure classic. This cocktail has absolutely classic composition – gin as main alcohol, apricot brandy (actually is not a brandy, it is sweet fruit liqueur) as sweetener and orange juice as diluent.

This recipe was found on The Pocket Bar Book by Mickhael Jackson (this recipe is so similar to the IBA-version).

The Paradise Cocktail (Коктейль Парадиз (Рай))


45 ml gin
30 ml apricot brandy
30 ml fresh orange juice
Shake. Serve in cocktail glass and garnish with a thin orange wedge.

I use Gordons London Dry Gin (47%) (or Befeater London Dry Gin (47%)) and liqueur BOLS Apricot. The Paradise Cocktail is admirable drink. It has smooth and sweet fruit taste with light bitternes in aftertaste.

The Paradise Cocktail with Nannerl Apricot liqueur bottle (Коктейль Рай и бутылочка ликера Nannerl)

Extremely interesting results was obtained with apricot liqueur by Nannerl. This austrian liqueurs are very natural and has very organic taste. The Paradise Cocktail made with Nannerl Apricot Liqueur and Bombay Sapphire Gin has great sweet and fruit palate.

Also I prepare this cocktail with liqueur DK Apricot brandy. This liqueur has very artificial taste. Actually it is bad choice for this cocktail.

On my Favorite CocktailDB I found next recipe of the Paradise Cocktail. It seems that it is version from The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock.

The Paradise Cocktail with orange (Коктейль Рай и апельсин)


45 ml gin
20 ml apricot-brandy
20 ml fresh orange juice
1 dash fresh lemon juice
Shake. Cocktail glass.

This version is so similar the above. If you use good gin (like Bombay Sapphire), good liqueur (like BOLS) and fresh-squeezed orange juice from ripe, fresh fruit you obtain great cocktail with fresh and right taste.

This modern version of the Paradise Cocktail I found in The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale DeGroff.

The Paradise Cocktail garnished with flammed orange peel (Коктейль Рай украшенный обожженной кожурой апельсина)

Paradise (Dale`s DeGroff ver.)

60 ml gin
20 ml apricot-brandy
20 ml fresh orange juice
2 dash orange bitter
Shake. Cocktail glass. Garnish with a flamed orange peel.

This cocktail is very aromatic. It has so compose and piquant taste.