The Agavoni Cocktail was founded in The Essential Bartender`s Guide by Robert Hess. Hess specify that this cocktail was created by Bastian Heuser for Mixology Magazine, Berlin, Germany. Actually the Agavoni is Negroni with a tequila blanco instead of gin and with two dashes of orange bitters and grapefruit zest instead traditional orange wheel.

The Agavoni Cocktail in crystal Delmonico glass (Коктейль Агавони в хрустальном бокале)


25 ml silver tequila
25 ml Campari
25 ml sweet vermouth
2 dashes orange bitter
Pour all ingredients into ice-filled Delmonico glass and stir to chill and mix. Garnish with a twist of grapefruit.

For my Agavoni I use tequila Corralejo blanco 100% de agave and Cinzano rosso. Also I use Angostura orange bitter and garnish cocktail with lemon peel.

The Agavoni is simple but excelent cocktail. It has bright sweet and bitter taste with great palate of fruit tequila notes, smooth vermouth botanicals and crisp Campari bitternes. This cocktail also has interesting citrus – lemon and orange – notes. It is admirable cocktail!