Fairbanks Cocktail

Today we drink the real old and almost forgotten cocktail – the Fairbanks Cocktail. The name of this cocktail as Ted “Doctor Cocktail” Haigh supposed origanate from Doug Fairbanks (movie star) or Charlie Fairbank (Amarican politician). Any way it is old but interesting drink.

Actually the Fairbanks Cocktail is variation of famous Martini Cocktail with two dash of creme de noyeaux – French almond liqueur. I use the substitute of creme de noyeaux – amaretto (Disaronno Originale – Italian almond liqueur).

The Fairbanks Cocktail in vintage glass (Коктейль Фэрбенкс в винтажном коктейльном бокале)

Fairbanks Cocktail

50 ml gin
20 ml dry vermouth
2 dash orange bitters
2 dash creme de noyeaux
Stir in a mixing glass with a lot of ice, strain into cocktail glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

The taste of Fairbanks Cocktail is great. The dry and herbal taste with great orange palate with a hint of sweet almond. It is very interesting evening cocktail.

Russian Quaalude

Russian Quaalude Cocktail has very interesting name (as for me as graduated pharmacist) and unintelligible recipe. The Quaalude – second part of “Sex, drug, rock ‘n’ roll!!!” is unique culture forming medcines. Some interesting facts about this pharmaceutical phenomenon you can read here.

I use recipe of Russian Quaalude Cocktail from Dale DeGroff.

The Russian Quaalude Cocktail (Метаквалон, он же Кваалюд)

Russian Quaalude

20 ml vodka
20 ml Kahlua
20 ml amaretto liqueur
30 ml cream
Shake and strain into a rocks glass.

Nothing special, Russian Quaalude Cocktail has sweet and creamy taste – on the line with Screaming Orgasm and Mudslide :) But on closer view Russian Quaalude (Dale DeGroff recipe) is near relation of famous White Russian (with Italian necktie) :)

A Lulu

I not sure tiki or not is this cocktail in fact, but I feel that it is tiki :)

A Lulu

30 ml light Puerto Rican rum
15 ml creme de noyeau (I use DiSaronno Originale)
30 ml fresh orange juice
15 ml passion fruit (mixer)
15 ml Galliano
Shake. Strain into ice-filled rocks glass.

As “passion fruit (mixer)” (wtf?) I use mix of passionfruit syrup and fresh lemon juice 1:1. I use Italian almond liqueur Disaronno Originale (Amaretto) instead creme de noyeau (french almond liqueur).

Admirable! Sweet and exotic taste and good balanced.