Caipirinha! Caipirissima! Caipiroska!

Caipirinha is simple and gorgeous cocktail from heritage Brazilian rum-like sugarcane based spirit cachaca. Caipirinha is traditional drink from local ingredients – cachaca, lime and sugar.

Caipirinha cocktail has two sister – Caipirissima (with white rum instead cachaca) and Caipiroska (with vodka instead cachaca). Both are excellent drink. Please use my photo-guide for best Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska!

First you need some key ingredients – cachaca (white rum or vodka), lime and sugar. I use sugar syrup from refined and unrefined cane sugar with 2:1 ratio. You may add sugar as crystal or powder.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 1. Cachaca, lime, rich sugar syrup (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 1. Кашаса, лайм, сахарный сироп)

Also you need some simple stuff: knife, muddler and jigger (optional).

Making of Caipirinha. Step 2. Barware - knife, muddler, jigger (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 2. Барное оборудование - барный нож, мадлер, джигер)

First cut lime on 8 chunks.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 3. Lime chunks and bar-knife (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 3. Дольки лайма и барный нож)

Next step – add sugar syrup.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 4. Lime chunks in rich sugar syrup (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 4. Дольки лайма залитые сахарным сиропом)

Muddle lime chunks with syrup.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 5. Muddled lime and muddler (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 5. Раздавленные дольки лайма и мадлер)

Pack glass with muddled lime with ice cube.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 6. Muddled lime and ice (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 6. Раздавленный лайм и лед)

You may stir your Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska. But I prefer shake this cocktail. Thus pour muddled lime with ice in metal part of boston shaker, add 2 oz. cachaca / white rum / vodka and slightly shake.

Making of Caipirinha. Step 7. Boston shaker (Делаем Кайпиринью. Шаг 7. Бостон-шейкер)

Pour cocktail on rocks glass (don’t use a strainer, pour your Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska with ice). Serve.

The Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska (Кайпиринья / Кайпириссима / Кайпироска)

Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska

60 ml cachaca / white rum / vodka
1 small fresh lime
sugar syrup to taste (15 ml sugar syrup)
Muddle. Stir. Rocks glass.

Caipirinha / Caipirissima / Caipiroska – is great, very refreshing, sweet and sour cocktail with bright and smooth taste. Enjoy with your favorite Latino music :)