Russian Quaalude

Russian Quaalude Cocktail has very interesting name (as for me as graduated pharmacist) and unintelligible recipe. The Quaalude – second part of “Sex, drug, rock ‘n’ roll!!!” is unique culture forming medcines. Some interesting facts about this pharmaceutical phenomenon you can read here.

I use recipe of Russian Quaalude Cocktail from Dale DeGroff.

The Russian Quaalude Cocktail (Метаквалон, он же Кваалюд)

Russian Quaalude

20 ml vodka
20 ml Kahlua
20 ml amaretto liqueur
30 ml cream
Shake and strain into a rocks glass.

Nothing special, Russian Quaalude Cocktail has sweet and creamy taste – on the line with Screaming Orgasm and Mudslide :) But on closer view Russian Quaalude (Dale DeGroff recipe) is near relation of famous White Russian (with Italian necktie) :)

Two my favorite shooters

I am very happy now. My blog work again! Thanks to my brother (and admin of this blog) for this.

Let me celebrate this event with two my favorite shooters:


Electric Banana

1 part banana liqueur
1 part silver tequila
Build (layer) ingredients (chilled) in a shooter.

Brave Bull

1 part coffee liqueur (Kahlua)
1 part silver tequila
Build (layer) ingredients (chilled) in a shooter.

Let`s go!

Gooey fingers. Post 1.

I have some bottles of cream liqueur in my home bar and now I try to prepare some delicious dessert cocktail with this liquor.


In this post I would describe some long-drink with cream liqueur – slides.



MudSlide (with Carolans)

30 ml Irish whisky
30 ml coffee liqueur
30 ml Irish cream liqueur
30 ml cream
Shake all ingredients with ice and pour over ice in an collins glass.


Ultimate Mudslide (with Baileys)

30 ml vodka
30 ml coffee liqueur
30 ml Irish cream liqueur
45 ml cream
45 ml milk
1/2 banana
grated chocolate
Place all ingredients, except grated chocolate, in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into margarita glass and sprinkle with grated chocolate.


Dooley`s Mudslide (Dooley`s Russian Toffee)

20 ml Dooley`s
10 ml vodka
10 ml coffee liqueur
10 ml cream
Build. Collins with crushed ice.


Butterscotch Slide (with Feeney`s)

45 ml Irish Cream liqueur
45 ml coffee liqueur
45 ml butterscotch schnapps
60 ml milk
Mix ingredients in a blender with 4 or 5 ice cubes until ice is well crushed. Drizzle caramel inside a chilled tall glass. Pour the mixture and serve with a straw.

Next time I would describe a martini-style cocktail with cream-liquers.