American Beauty Cocktail (revised)

The cocktail that I want to explore today I like for a long time. The recipe of this cocktail was at my blog some times ago. Actually the American Beauty Cocktail is in my Special Reserve. This flowery and extraordinary cocktail is one of the best choices for novice – it is not so strong, have interesting sweet taste and it has great look. This drink is great thing to look at as well as to sip.

The story of American Beauty Cocktail is forgotten. It is known that name of this drink connected with popular sort of the garden rose. American Beauty roses was best-selling roses from 1888 to 1920. The creator of this drink is unknown. Supposedly this cocktail was first mentioned in the ‘Straub’s manual of mixed drinks’ by Straub, Jacques (1913, Chicago, USA)).

My first American Beauty Cocktail I mixed with recipe was found at the CocktailDB. Now I taste this cocktail with authentic cognac and real Porto.

The very nice two layer American Beauty Cocktail (Двухслойный коктейль Красота по-американски)

American Beauty

15 ml brandy
15 ml vermouth dry
15 ml fresh orange juice
15 ml grenadine
1 dash creme de menthe white
30 ml Port wine
Shake all ingredients except port with a lot of ice. Strain into cocktail glass and top with port wine.

The cognac in this cocktail is needless. The delicate flavor and taste of the cognac is invisible in this sweet and fruity drink. I prefer to use in this cocktail something powerful and complete brandy like young (about 5 years old) armenian brandy.

The American Beauty Cocktail in old proportions has sweet and fruity taste with little mint pleasure notes in the finish. The cocktail scent of port wine. With every sip you have both layer of the drink – the a luttle bit tart and sweet port and sweet and fruity mix – it is great feeling.

If you do not like so sweet old version you may taste the modern version of this rare cocktail. This recipe I found in the one of my favorite cocktail book – The Essential Cocktail by Dale DeGroff.

The American Beauty Cocktail garnished with rose petal (Коктейль Американская Красавица, украшенный лепестком розы)

American Beauty Cocktail (DeGroff’s version)

20 ml brandy
20 ml vermouth dry
20 ml fresh orange juice
2 dashes grenadine
2 dashes simple syrup
1 dash of creme de menthe green
15 ml ruby port
Shake all ingredients except brandy in a ice-filled shaker. Strain into cocktail glass and float the port on top. Garnish with rose petal (organically grown or well washed).

Actually for old-style two layer look you must use a little bit more of grenadine. I use about teaspoonful of grenadine otherwise port wine do not make a separate layer.

This drink is perfectly balanced. It is not so sweet as old version. This cocktail has sweet taste with great brandy and vermouth palate with a hint of mint in the finish. It is admirable, amazing drink!

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Green Dragon

This simple but so strange cocktail is unusual modification of Vodka Stinger Cocktail.

The Green Dragon Cocktail (Коктейль Зеленый Дракон)

Green Dragon

30 ml vodka
30 ml green creme de menthe
15 ml Cointreau
Shake. Cocktail glass.

Admirable digestive cocktail with smooth and sweet mint taste. Light orangу notes in aftertaste is very pleasant and interesting.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Cocktails are a good thing, but, actually, they contains poison :) One of great problem of imbibing is an abuse of alcohol.

Classic cocktails for case of abuse of alcohol are “corpse rivivers” and “pick-me-ups”. I try something thereof. First recipe of Corpse Revivver #1 Cocktail was found in Cocktails and Mixed Drinks by Anthony Hogg. The author of this recipe is famous John Johnson from Savoy`s Amerivcan Bar. The cocktail was invented in 1948 (UPD: That seems to be incorrect, the recipe was created by Joe Gilmore in 1954).

The Corpse Reviver Cocktail of John Johnson (Коктейль Реаниматор Джона Джонсона)

Corpse Reviver #1 (a)

30 ml brandy
30 ml Fernet-Branca
30 ml creme de menthe white
Shake. Cocktail glass.

It is wonderfull cocktail! Real remedy.

Another recipe of Corpse Reviver #1 was found on Cocktail DB. The author of this corpse reviver is Frank Meier, barman of parisian Ritz Hotel. The cocktail was invented in 1920s.

The Corpse Reviver Cocktail of Frank Meier (Коктейль Реаниматор Франка Майера)

Corpse Reviver #1(b)

30 ml brandy
20 ml apple brandy
20 ml sweet vermouth
Stri well with ice. Cocktail glass.

This cocktail has very strong taste. It is not my choice.

The name of Pick-Me-Up Cocktail enamour me. This recipe was found in Cocktails and Mixed Drinks by Anthony Hogg.

The Pick-Me-Up Cocktail (Коктейль Подбодри меня!)

Pick-Me-Up Cocktail

30 ml cognac
30 ml dry vermouth
30 ml pastis
Stir well with ice. Cocktail glass.

I shake this cocktail and use Ricard as pastis. The result is great! The Pick-Me-Up Cocktail is admirable cocktail. Another great remedy for crapulent.