New Yorker

Today I was purshased very interesting thing – the bottle of CAPEL Pisco Reservado. Pisco is specific grape brendy produced in Peru and Chile from muscat grape and aged in figuline which are coated with wax.


Signature cocktail for Pisco is Pisco Sour, Pisco Punch, Pisco Bum… But I think
that it is non original. What why I prepare enother drink.


New Yorker (exotic)

20 ml Galliano
30 ml pisco
30 ml fresh grapefruit juice
15 ml fresh lime juice
10 ml gomme syrup
Shake. Cocktail glass.

Tropicana Belle

There is a very interesting new thing in my home bar – Boulard Calvados Pays d’Auge.

I think this rather weird cocktail (with two base liquors) can make me recall sweet memories about summer today’s cold, dank evening.


Tropicana Belle

15 ml Galliano
15 ml Calvados
15 ml genever
8 ml maraschino cherry juice
Blend with a lot of ice, serve in a snifter.

Weird! But sweet and rather tasty :)

Island In The Sun

Вот… Еще один тропический напиток – явно не по погоде…


Island In The Sun

25 ml Galliano
50 ml pineapple juice
15 ml dark rum (Angostura 1919)
10 ml apricot brandy (Bols Apricot)
10 ml fresh lemon juice
Shake. Collins (I’ve used a highball). Garnish with a cherry… and maybe some fruits.