Luigi Cocktail

There are only few cocktails that utilize tangerine juice. However, tangerines are one of my favorite citrus fruits, so this cocktail is really a chance for me.


Luigi Cocktail

20 ml fresh-pressed tangerine juice
30 ml gin
15 ml dry vermouth
7 ml Cointreau
7 ml grenadine
Shake. Cocktail garnish, garnish with a lemon twist.


Golden Dawn

This amazing cocktail was a winner of the ICC 1930 (London). Nine years later Walter Madigan mixed it without calvados and won ICC 1939.

I think now it may be considered as a pure classic (well, at least as an interesting vintage cocktail).

It has complicated taste with undertones of fruits (ripe apples, dried fruits, grapes, apricots) and fabulous look with a little summer sun in your glass.

You may read an interesting related post about the cocktail from Paul Clarke.


Golden Dawn

25 ml gin
25 ml apricot brandy
25 ml calvados
25 ml fresh orange juice
3 drops of grenadine
Shake (without grenadine). Cocktail, drop grenadine for effect of dawn.