Antipodean and Eurasian

Both of this cocktail was created by Philip Duff – the ambassador of BOLS. I found this recipes on, both of them are rare possibility to use BOLS Kiwi and Bols Lychee liqueur in so average cocktail. This cocktails are not extraordinary but so interesting “for girls” drinks.

The Antipodean Cocktail garnished with lime wheel (Коктейль Антипод украшенный колесиком лайма)


15 ml BOLS Strawberry
45 ml BOLS Kiwi
45 ml cranberry juice
Shake. Cocktail. Garnish with kiwi slice and lime slice.

Two beauty pink cocktails - The Antipodian and Eurasian (Два красивых коктейля - Антипод и Евразиец)


15 ml BOLS Peach
45 ml BOLS Lychee
45 ml cranberry juice
Shake. Cocktail. No garnish.

Both cocktails has sweet and fruity taste. The Antipodean and Eurasian cocktails by Philip Duff is light and sweet concoction. They has one lack – they are very weak. I reccomend to add some (about 15 ml or more) premium vodka for more crisp and bright cocktail.

Fruit Daiquiri

Fruit Daiquiri is a very interesting cocktail. It has beautiful variable color, fresh, light and in some case exotic taste and so high alcogol contetnt. It is work well year around, especial on winter it give us some summer color and some fresh friuts. I investigated Fruit Daiquiri last week and have a lot of fun.


Ideal Fruit Daiquiri

40 ml white rum
20 ml fruit liqueur
30 ml lemon-lime mix
40 g fresh fruits
70 g crushed ice
Blend. Cocktail glass with fruits garnish on a rim.

I post the result of investigating this beautifull drink here.