MxMo LI: Lime – Exploring the Lime liqueur

The theme of this MxMo LI (fifty one – if you find difficulty in understanding Roman numerals as your humble narrator) is extremely gentle and large. And I must to thank our dear hoster – Doug Winship from one of the great cocktails blog in my opinion – The Pegu Blog. The lime is one of the key bar-fruit. Limes keep company numerous stuffs – Rum, Tequila, Gin, Vodka… Lime is a garnish; lime is a juice (sour-agent). We use lime in wide range of cocktails – from girlish pink Cosmos to geek’s Pegu. Thus we have a lot of alternative.

But for me, actually, this MxMo is rare chance to use one of the most useless bottle in my liquor cabinet – the lime liqueur. This pastel green liqueur has smooth aroma of lime and lemon peel. The palate is sweet and citrus. This stuff was produced by Marie Brizard, as I understand, this liqueur no longer manufactured.

I decide to explore two simple cocktails with this lime liqueur for this MxMo. Both of these contains double of lime – lime liqueur and fresh lime juice.

First cocktail – the Limey – was founded in the Russian issue of M. Jackson’s Pocked Bar Book. The recipe sounds a little disappoint but cocktail is not:

The Limey Cocktail garnished with a lime wheel (Коктейль Лайми, украшенный колесиком лайма)


30 ml light rum
20 ml lime liqueur
10 ml triple sec
10 ml fresh lime juice
Blend all ingredients with a 3 oz crushed ice until smooth. Serve in the champagne saucer and garnish with a lime wheel.

Actually the Limey Cocktail is no bad drink with light mood. It has bright rum palate (I use my favorite light rum in this cocktail – Havana Club Anejo Blanco) with refreshing citrus notes. I think that is good choice for last summer evening.

My second cocktail with lime liqueur is Lime Daiquiri – one of the four (!!!) cocktails with this liqueur on CocktailDB.

The Lime Daiquiri Cocktail garnished with a lime wedge (Коктейль Лаймовый Дайкири, украшенный долькой лайма)

Lime Daiquiri

45 ml white rum
15 ml lime liqueur
15 ml fresh lime juice
Shake all ingredients in a shaker with a lot of ice. Strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Actually the Lime Daiquiri is just Daiquiri with little bit more of lime in the taste. In this cocktail works well Bacardi Cartablanca which has light and fruit taste. This cocktail has so strong and sour taste with a little lime bitterness in aftertaste.