Voodoo Manhattan

Voodoo Manhattan created by Marcelo Nascimento for Ultimate Well Crafted Manhattan competition 2011. He win the contest with that cocktail!

Voodoo Manhattan Cocktail

Voodoo Manhattan

75 ml Woodford Reserve Bourbon
15 ml Amaro Averna
15 ml Clement Creole Shrubb
1/2 bsp. pink peppercorns
In a mixing glass muddle peppercorns with a big dry chicken bone muddleк then add all liquors. Stir with a lot of ice. Fine strain in a cocktail glass. Garnish by rubbing skewered blood orange supremes along the rim of the glass then placing in glass and finishing with an flamed orange peel.

Flamingo and Mary Pickford

Now we explore two so similar cocktails of Prohibition Era. The Flamingo Cocktail and the Mary Pickford Cocktail. Both of this cocktails are so rare and hard to find in popular cocktails book. Both has similar composition with rum and pineapple with hint of fresh lime (Flamingo) or maraschino liqueur (Mary Pickford). Both has beatiful foam as a garnish.

Dale DeGroff suppose that cocktail Flamingo was created by famous Constante Ribalagua – owner and barman of La Floridita, Havana. The gold age of this and another cuban bar was at Prohibition. I use recipe of Flamingo Cocktail from The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale DeGroff.

The Flamingo Cocktail (Коктейль Фламинго)


35 ml light rum
35 ml pineapple juice
1 tsp. grenadine
1 tsp. fresh lime juice
Shake. Pour into cocktail glass.

The Flamingo Cocktail has smooth and light fruit cocktail with great rum palate. My favorite white rum – Havana Club Anejo Blanco – work extremely well in this cocktail.

The Mary Pickford Cocktail has so similar composition with maraschino liqueur instead lime juice. Dale DeGroff suppose that Mary Pickford Cocktail was invented also Constante Ribalagua but another sources report that Mary Pickford Cocktail was invented by another cuban barman – Eddie Woelke (the creator of famous El Presedente Cocktail). This cocktail created for first Hollywood superstar – Mary Pickford.

First mention of the Mary Pickford Cocktail is in Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddoc (1930) but I use version from Cocktails and Mixed Drinks by Anthony Hogg.

The Mary Pickford Cocktail (Коктейль Мери Пикфорд)

Mary Pickford

35 ml white rum
35 ml pineapple juice
1 tsp maraschino liqueur
1 tsp grenadine
Shake and strain in the cocktail glass.

Wow! The Mary Pickford Cocktail is awesome drink. It is one of the best cocktail that I drink!

Dale DeGroff also specify another recipe of Mary Pickford Cocktail – “the Flamingo Cocktail plus orange curacao”. It is worth to try.

The Mary Pickford Cocktail with baby pineapple (Коктейль Мери Пикфорд с карликовым ананасом)

Mary Pickford #2

35 ml white rum
35 ml pineapple juice
1 tsp orange curacao
1 tsp grenadine
1 tsp fresh lime juice
Shake and strain in the cocktail glass.

This version of Mary Pickford Cocktail has well-balanced smooth taste with pleasant fruit and citrus taste with great rum palate. Great drink for hot summer evening. By the way, best orange liqueur for this cocktail in my opinion is Cointreau.

Bloody Sun

This concoction is one of the rare case to use Bols Red Orange. Unintelligible cocktail was found on Drinksmixer – a dump of strange cocktail recipe.


Bloody Sun

20 ml gin
20 ml Bols Red Orange liqueur
10 ml Cointreau
orange juice
Shake gin, orange liqueur and cointreau. Pour into a glass filled with ice cubes and fill with orange juice. Old-Fashioned glass.

It is ordinary “tropical” drink with light, sweet and citrus taste. Nothing special.