Aku Aku

I found this miraculous recipe due to Liqurious. Dear Trader Tiki, thank you for this cocktail. Now in my sity +32 C and this cocktail is a real rescue of my soul.


Trader Vic’s Aku-Aku

30 ml white rum
15 ml peach liqueur
15 ml fresh lime juice
60 g fresh pineapple chunks
8-10 large fresh mint leaves
1 dash simple syrup
1,5 cups crushed ice
Blend until smooth, garnish with mint sprig and pineapple wedge.

Admirable! Not for booze, but for taste!

By the way, I use one of my favorite Demerara El Dorado White as white rum for high aromatic result.

Capel Pisco Paradise

Recipe of this cocktail was found in one of my new book. This sweet cocktail is good for romantic saturday night.


Capel Pisco Paradise

50 ml pisco
25 ml peach liqueur
15 ml grenadine
20 ml cream
Shake. Serve in old-fashioned glass with crushed ice. Garnish with cherries.

Not so bad, but so sweet!


It is so nice modern cocktail with fresh and little bitter taste.



45 ml reposado tequila
20 ml peach brandy
5 ml raspberry liqueur
10 ml fresh lime juice
Shake. Cocktail glass with mint sprig… But I think starfruit is more appropriate in  this case :)