Harvey Wallbanger

The most cited story about Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail is about California surfer Harvey, who, after losing important competition one day visited his favorite Duke’s Blackwatch bar. He consumed a lot more of the special Screwdrivers (aromatized with Galliano) than he should have and it is causing to bang against the wall. Some people suggest that the idea of adding Galliano into Screwdriver was Harvey’s invention. Than drink and its name born.

Another story of creation the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail was founded in The Joy of Mixology by Gary Regan (also you may read this story on his site – Ardent Spirits.com). The Regan wrote “According to an article in Bartender magazine, by Brooks Clark, the Harvey Wallbanger was created at a party in the mid-1960s in Newport Beach, California. The host of the party was a certain Bill Doner, then a sports editor for a small newspaper, and he found that the only potables he had available to him were vodka, frozen orange juice, and a bottle of Galliano, so he simply mixed them all together. In the early hours of the morning one of the guests, by the name of Harvey was found banging his head against the wall, and blaming Doner’s concoction for his misery. A drink was born.

Actually seems that both story is advertising tool of Galliano owners in USA. Really Harvey Wallbanger is one of the most famous and popular cocktail of the 1970-s. This drink has own National Day which celebrated November, 5.

Harvey Wallbanger is to similar to one of the famous highballs – the Screwdriver. It consist of vodka, orange juice with float Galliano liqueur on top. The key ingredient of the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail is italian vanilla and liquorice flavored liqueur Galliano. Now new owner of this brand – Lucas Bols Company – renewed original taste of Galliano in Galliano l’Autentico Liqueur. But I use old Galliano Vanilla for my cocktails.

The Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail garnished with an orange wheel and red maraschino cherry (Коктейль Харви Вальбангер, украшенный колесиком апельсина и красной мараскиновой вишней)

Harvey Wallbanger

30 ml vodka
60-90 ml fresh orange juice
15 ml Galliano
Build vodka and juice in tall glass over ice. Stir briskly and float Galliano on the top. Garnish with an orange slice or wheel and maraschino cherry (optional).

One of my secret of good Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail is using of “normalized” orange juice. The taste of fresh orange juice is so different time to time but I add some simple syrup in the fres juice for optimal sweet and sour balance.

The Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail is great so sweet citrus refreshing drink with smooth vanilla flavor. It is amazing drink for summer or beach or nightclub.

Harvey Wallbanger has Mexican cousine – Freddy Fudpucker, this cocktail contain tequila blanco instead vodka.

The Freddy Fudpucker Cocktail garnished with an orange wheel (Коктейль Фредди Фадпакер, украшенный колесиком апельсина)

Freddy Fudpucker

30 ml tequila
90 ml fresh orange juice
15 ml Galliano
Build tequila and juice in tall glass over ice. Stir briskly and float Galliano on the top. Garnish with an orange slice.

The Freddy Fudpucker Cocktail has very interesting flavor and taste. The Galliano liqueur enlarge taste and flavor of tequila and it result great drink. It is admirable cocktail.

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Bull Shot and Bloody Bull

The extremely positive experience of exploring of Bloody Mary Cocktail inspire me to try some similar cocktail with another nutritious component. Two present cocktail – the Bull Shot and Bloody Bull – contains beef broth and I think it is very interesting.

The Bull Shot Cocktail (Коктейль Bull Shot (Удар Быка))

Bull Shot

45 ml vodka
1 bsp. fresh orange juice
1 dash fresh lemon juice
2 dash Tabasco sauce
pinch of salt
pinch of freshly ground black pepper
120 ml beef broth
Shake all ingredients with a lot of ice and strain into tall glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

Some recipe of Bull Shot prescribe Worcestershire sauce. But I decide to omit it.

The Bull Shot Cocktail has piquant and spicy taste. I think that it is great anti-hangover stuff. Next cocktail in the beef topic is Bloody Bull.

The Bloody Bull Cocktail (Коктейль Кровавый Бык)

Bloody Bull

45 ml vodka
1 bsp. fresh orange juice
1 dash fresh lemon juice
2 dash Tabasco sauce
pinch of salt
pinch of freshly ground black pepper
60 ml tomato juice
60 ml beef broth
Shake all ingredients with a lot of ice and strain into tall glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

The taste of Bloody Bull Cocktail is so similar to Bloody Mary but with meat taste. It is very interesting drink.

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary Cocktail is one of the most famous and most consumable cocktail in the world. It is great pick-me-up and anti-hang-over remedy. The key of this mix is a sauce. Two old and famous sauce – the Tabasco and the Worcestershire make Bloody Mary Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary Cocktail has interesting and so unklear story. The common version say that this cocktail was invented in Paris Harry`s American Bar by Fernand “Pete” Petiot in 1920-s. Some people suggest that first cocktail with tomato juice and vodka was prepared by George Jessel but Petiot only improved this drink. Interesting article about this problem you may read at the great blog – Bourbon George (Thinking Bartender, or George Sinclair).

The Bloody Mary Cocktail garnished with lime wedge (Коктейль Кровавая Мери украшенный долькой лайма)

The original garnish of the Bloody Mary Cocktail with selery stalk also has own unclear story. This garnish was incidentally invented by unknown quest of Pump Room Bar, Ambassador Hotel, Chicago under 1960-s.

The Bloody Mary Cocktail garnished with selery stalk (Коктейль Кровавая Мери украшенный стеблем сельдерея)

For my first real Bloody Mary Cocktail I use recipe from one of my favorite cocktail book – The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale DeGroff:

The Bloody Mary Cocktail (Коктейль Кровавая Мери)

Bloody Mary

45 ml vodka
2 dash Worcestershire sauce
4 dash Tabasco sauce
pinch of salt
pinch of freshly ground black pepper
15 ml fresh lemon juice
120 ml tomato juice
Add all ingrdients of mixing glass. Add ice and than rolling mixture. Pour into highball glass with several ice-cubes. Garnish with selery stalk as swizzle-stick (optional) and lemon or lime wedge.

The amount of the Tabasco sauce is very variable. My choice is about two dash of Tabasco for my Bloody Mary Cocktail. Also I prefer to decrease amount of Worcestershire sauce to 1 dash.

The Bloody Mary Cocktail has delicious spicy taste. It is awesome drink and it is very nutritious. Great choice for supper.

Next we explore Russian variation of Bloody Mary Cocktail – the Bloody Mary Shooter.

The Bloody Mary Shooter (Шутер Кровавая Мери)

Bloody Mary Shooter

30 ml vodka
30 ml spicy tomato mix
Pour first tomato mix and than layer vodka into shooter glass with spicy rim.

To make spicy tomato mix you should mix tomato juice, lemon juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, freshly ground black pepper, optional – horseradish, while olives or whatever else you like to put in your Bloody Mary.

For spicy rim you should make mix with teaspoon of salt, dash of freshly ground black pepper, ground red pepper and pinch of celery seeds or caraway seeds. Then moisture the rim of the shooter glass with a lime or lemon wedge and dip it into the mix.

Actually this shooter is great way of drink vodka. This cocktail has awesome look and very balanced taste of strength vodka and sweet and spicy tomato mix.

And finally we explore one of the modern version of canonical Bloody Mary Cocktail – the Inside Out Bloody Mary – martini style cocktail created by Kim Haasarud (founder of the Liquid Architecture and author of several book about cocktails – “101 … (Margaritas, Martinis, Sangrias etc.)”)

The Inside Out Bloody Mary Cocktail (Коктейль Кровавая Мери Наизнанку)

Inside Out Bloody Mary

3 to 4 spicy Mary cube
60 ml pepper (or citrus) vodka
dash lemon juice
Shake vodka and juice. Straint into cocktail glass with spicy mary cubes. Garnish with small celery stalk, speared red chile pepper (optional).

To make spicy Mary cubes pour the spicy tomato mix into ice trays. Place the trays in the freezer and let sit until cubes are frozen.

The Inside Out Bloody Mary Cocktail has strong and spicy taste of vodka. After melting of spicy cubes its taste is so similar to original Bloody Mary Cocktail.