Martini Time Machine Project

Martini Time Machine Project is a result of collaboration between – the first Ukrainian Cocktail blog since 2007 and Ukrainian craft bar Parovoz Speakeasy.

A Martini Cocktail is the thing that has been stirring up minds of sophisticated drinkers for more than a century and tracing the evolution of Martini seems to be very interesting. For the first iteration we reconstructed eight significant Martini moments from 1880s to 1980s that should narrate to our guests exciting stories about tastes and atmosphere of the time. When we introduced the project to our guest in 2016 I made a series of Instagram posts to describe these reconstructions. You can navigate to the posts using links below:

Let’s Go!


Martini 1888 – The Ancient Martini

Martini 1904 – The Dry Martini Cocktail

Martini 1906 – The Legend Gold Standard

Martini 1935 – A Yellow, A Mellow Martini

Martini 1943 – Montgomery Martini

Martini 1951 – The Officially Best Chicago Martini

Martini 1973 – The Cossacktini

Martini 1985 – Naked Martini