Ace of Clubs

This cocktail was created in 30s of XIX century probably in the one bar with same name in New York by unknown barman. A combination of rum, lime juice and white creme de cacao sounds so intriguing for me.

The Ace of Clubs Cocktail (Коктейль Туз Треф)

Ace of Clubs

60 ml golden rum
15 ml white creme de cacao
15 ml fresh lime juice
1 bsp. simple syrup
Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

I use my new rum – Ron Varadero Oro 5 Anos (Cuba) – for this cocktail. Results are excellent. The Ace of Clubs Cocktail has rich, aromatic rum taste with unusual sweet aftertaste. Few drops of Angostura bitters on the top works well and must.


Cocktail Opening is one of my favorite whisky-based drink. This sweet and aromatic cocktail work well before club-night (jazz-club of course!).

The Opening Cocktail (Коктейль Премьера)


30 ml rye (or canadian whisky)
2 tsp sweet vermouth
2 tsp grenadine
Shake (or stir). Serve in old-fashioned glass with a lot of ice.

Usually I use Canadian Club for this cocktail. Second key-stuff of this drink is homemade grenadine (cold-process) for perfect results.

MxMo XXXV: Broaden Your Horizons – White Lady

This MxMo XXXV theme is “Broaden Your Horizons”. I think is very interesing and perspective theme for me. My wife help me to choose a cocktail and horizons which I investigate on this MxMo. Mixing with raw egg is my new horizons! Actually I fear (and hate) raw eggs. But for this MxMo I can beat my fear.

The White Lady (Коктейль Белая Леди)

I decide to preapare White Lady Cocktail – really classic and famous cocktail. Good story of this cocktail you may read on Esquire Drink Database. This cocktail is realy monumental. Some imbabers, for example Anthony Hogg (in book Cocktails and Mixed Drinks), pay great attention to White Lady Cocktail. It take second place (after Martini!) in Big Seven by Anthony Hogg. White Lady Cocktail has so simple and elegant composition – gin, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice and dash of raw egg white.

The White Lady (Коктейль Белая Леди)

White Lady

50 ml gin
25 ml Cointreau
25 ml fresh lemon juice
1 bsp. of raw eqq white
Shake well with a lot of cracked ice. Strain in to cocktail glass.

White Lady Cocktail is perfect drink with really smooth taste and great texture. The perfect white foam on the top is great garnish of this cocktail.