My Home Bar Equipment

This page is about my bar equipment. This barware may help you to prepare many admirable cocktails.

Bar equipment (Разнообразное барное оборудование)


Photo 1. A Boston shaker with rubber-coated metal glass and highball

Photo 2. A Glass shaker with plastic strainer and cap

Photo 3. A Metal cobbler-shakers

Photo 3а. A Metal cobbler-shaker

Photo 4. A Metal mixing glass

Photo 5. A Hawthorn strainer

Photo 6. A Tea-strainer

Photo 7. A Jiggers

Photo 8. A Bar-spoons

Photo 8a. An Absinthe-spoon

Photo 9. A Bar-knife

Photo 10. A waiter’s knife (a sommelier knife)

Photo 11. A Zesters

Photo 11a. A peeler

Photo 12. A Pourers

Photo 13. A Сitrus reamer

Photo 13a. A Hand citrus-juicer

Photo 14. A Lime-wedge juicer

Photo 15. A Muddler

Photo 16. Ice-crusher

Photo 17. An Ice-scoop

Photo 18. Siphon