Happy New Year! (Arctic Cosmo Martini)

Happy New Year! This beautiful holiday is excellent cause for great party with best cocktail in the world. But for party we need especial cocktail with a little festivity. Like this Finlandia Arctic Cosmo Martini!

The Finlandia Arctic Cosmo Martini in the frosted glass (Коктейль Финляндия Арктический Космо Мартини в замороженном коктейльном бокале)

Finlandia Arctic Cosmo Martini

50 ml vodka Finlandia Cranberry
13 ml Cointreau
5 ml cranberry juice
1 bsp. fresh lime juice
Shake. Serve in frosted cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wedge.

Strong and so sweet cocktail with crisp frosty taste. The Finlandia Arctic Cosmo Martini Cocktail is ideal celebration cocktail. It has interesting taste, great looks and it is so strong. Happy New, 2010, Year my dear readers! I wish you all the luck in the world! Sincerely yours – scomorokh.

Yellow Daisy

My first recipe of Yellow Daisy Cocktail was found in one of my favorite cocktail book – The Cocktails and Mixed Drinks by Anthony Hogg. The cocktail has simply and elegant composition – gin, vermouth and Grand Marnier.

The inventor of Yellow Daisy Cocktail, as Savoy Cocktail Book specified, is Richard William Clark aka Deadwood Dick – quintessential cowboy, Indian fighter, express guard for Black Hills gold shipments and literare hero.

The Yellow Daisy Cocktail garnished with red maraschino cherry (Коктейль Желтая Ромашка украшенный красной мараскиновой вишенкой)

Yellow Daisy (Anthony Hogg)

40 ml gin
20 ml vermouth dry
20 ml Grand Marnier
Stir. Cocktail glass.

Also I try another recipe of Yellow Daisy Cocktail which was found on Cocktail DB.

The Yellow Daisy Cocktail in vintage crystall glass (Коктейль Желтая Дейзи в старинном хрустальном бокале)

Yellow Daisy (Cocktail DB)

45 ml gin
15 ml vermourh dry
7 ml Grand Marnier
7 ml pastis
Stir. Cocktail glass, garnish with a cherry.

I use Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin (my best gin, undoubtedly), Cinzano Extra Dry vermouth, Grand Marnier and Pernod.

This cocktails are different. Both cocktails are strong, sweet and herbal. Both cocktails has admirable light sushine yellow color.

The Anthony Hogg`s version has strong and sweet taste with orange palate of Grand Marnier. The CocktailDB`s version has comples herbal flavor with strong anise palate.

Also I tested the old version of this cocktail from Savoy Cocktail Book:

The Yellow Daisy Cocktail (Savoy) in beautiful old crystall glass (Коктейль Желтая Дейзи (Савой) в старинном хрустальном бокале)

Yellow Daisy (Savoy)

30 ml gin
30 ml vermouth dry
15 ml Grand Marnier
few drop absinthe (Pernod)
Shake. Cocktail glass.

Actually I use Pernod instead absinthe. This cocktail has strong, sweet and herbal taste too. The Yellow Daisy Cocktail is admirable drink for long winter evening.

MxMo XLIV: Money Drinks: Cosmopolitan

This month MxMo hosted on Beers in the Shower. The author of this blog announce theme so interesting, but extremely elusive for me. I think “Money Drinks” is like “worth the money” drinks or “make the money” drinks… I hope I have right understanding. For this MxMo I explore one of my favorite “for my guest” cocktail – Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan Cocktail is very popular modern cocktail. It has so many fans and it is a TV-star. It is really one of the most popular cocktail worldwide.

The Cosmopolitan Cocktail garnished with orange peel (Коктейль Космополитан украшенный апельсиновой кожурой)

The story of this cocktail is relatively unclear, you may read some of it here (wiki) or here (webtender). My favorite Dale DeGroff in The Craft of the Cocktail and The Essential Cocktails wrote that author of Cosmopolitan is Cheryl Cook. Also he associate the Cosmopolitan with Ocean Spray cooperative and its cranberry juice.

Now we have many recipes of Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan is father of big “cosmo”-family (like margarita or martini). I think that Cosmopolitan consist of vodka as main alcohol, Cointreau as sweetener, cranberry and lime juices. Optional ingredients are orange bitter, simple syrup or lime syrup. Generalized recipe of Cosmopolitan therefore is:

The Cosmopolitan Cocktail with flame (Украшение коктейля Космополитен горящей кожурой апельсина)


30-45 ml vodka (or citrus vodka)
7-25 ml Cointreau
2 dash – 28 ml cranberry juice
5-13 ml fresh pressed lime juice
0-2 dash orange bitters
0-8 ml simple syrup
0-5 ml lime syrup
Shake all ingredients in ice-filled shaker and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a orange twist (spiral) or flamed orange peel or lime wedge (or wheel) or lime zest.

I tested eleven version of Cosmopolitan which was found in different sources (like blogs, sites, books etc) and at different times. You may find all recipes in this .pdf files. You may organize yours own “Great Cosmo Roundup” with this simple and clear table :)


This is results of my “Great Science of Drink Cosmopolitan Roundup”. It begin with my first Cosmopolitan, I do not remember a source of this version.

The Cosmopolitan Coctail garnished with orange peel spiral (Коктейль Космополитан украшенный спиралью из апельсиновой кожуры)

1. Cosmopolitan (Unknown version) – so strong cocktail with elegant citrus taste;

2. Cosmopolitan (Chris Doig – Brilliant Cocktails) – this version has medium strength and sour-sweet very orange taste, good choice for novice;

3. Cosmopolitan (Jay Hapburn – Oh, gosh! ) – aromatic version of Cosmopolitan, has rich aroma and taste;

4. Cosmopolitan (Dale DeGroff – The King of Cocktails ) – it is well-balanced version with medium strength and delicate citrus taste, this recipe has one lack – too much of the cranberry juice. This is good for novice, not for adept :) ;

The Cosmopolitan cocktail garnished with lime wheel served in swerve glass (Коктейль Космополитан украшенный колесиком лайма в необычном коктейльном бокале)

5. Cosmopolitan (cocktailtimes.com) – this version has very indistinct taste;

6. Cosmopolitan (Davide Wondrich — quintessence (Esquire Drink Database)) –
it is very good version, it has smooth aromatic and citrus sour-sweet taste, but please omit sugar rim – I think it is joke;

7. Cosmopolitan (Gary Regan (The Joy of Mixology, 2003) (from CocktailDB) – strong and sweet cocktail (Kamikaze :) ) with cranberry juice as dye-stuff, excellent drink;

8. Cosmopolitan (Time Out (wiki.webtender.com)) – sophisticated recipe but mediocre results;

The Cosmopolitan Cocktail (Коктейль Космополитан (розовый коктейль))

9. Cosmopolitan (Salvatore Calabrese – The Maestro – (from book Classic Cocktails)) – so strong and tempered version;

10. Cosmopolitan (IBA) – light sweet cocktail, novice only;

11. Cosmopolitan (cointreau.com) – strong, sweet and citrus cocktail.

The Cosmo (Космо)

Some tips for your Ultimate Cosmopolitan:

– use good quality vodka (pure or citrus-flavored depend upon you taste, both variants work well in Cosmopolitan)

– use Cointreau (not cheap triple sec), it is good choice for you fresh and citrus Cosmo;

– use good and expensive cranberry juice (and omit the recipe with high amount of cranberry juice, if it possible);

The Cosmopolitan Cocktail (Cosmo Cocktail) garnished with lime wheel (Коктейль Космополитен (Космо) украшенный колесиком лайма)

– use fresh ripe limes for yours fresh pressed lime juice, DO NOT use preserved lime juice or something like that. You may add some simple syrup for preferable balance of sour-sweet. Omit lime syrup;

– you can use orange bitter for high aromatic cocktail, please add bitters responsibly ;) ;

– in my humble opinion, most appropriate garnish for Cosmopolitan cocktail is orange zest. I use orange zest spiral for strong version (with high Cointreau content) and flamed orange peel for the others. Flamed orange peel is real show, it is real Cosmo-mood. For flamed orange peel you may:

The Flamed Cosmopolitan. Step 1.The Flamed Cosmopolitan. Step 2.The Flamed Cosmopolitan. Step 3.

1. Cut small piece of orange peel. Take this piece of orsnge peel in one hand and a match in other. Strike a match as you see on foto :)

2. Heat the surface of peel with a flame of match through few seconds.

3. Press on peel for release of essential oil.

Three beauty Cosmopolitans garnished with lime (Три коктейля Космолитан украшенных лаймом)

I can resume that Cosmopolitan cocktail is awesome drink. It has right name, good taste, good looks and good mood. It is acceptable as for cocktail novice as adept. When made correctly, it is a brilliant drink.