Pisco Sour and Pisco Punch

Now we explore two amazing mixed drinks with exotic Peruvian or Chile brandy – pisco. Both are right choice for hot summer evening and both are extremely delicious.

Pisco is national Peruvian or Chile strong spirit. It is brandy obtained from muscat grapes. For my mixology I use Pisco Capel (Chile).

First cocktail is Pisco Sour. The Pisco Sour is national Peruvian cocktail as Caipirinha is Brazilian national cocktail. Pisco Sour is variation of classic Sour with regional spirit instead whiskey and it was invented in Lima, Peru under Prohibition. The Pisco Sour has classic composition – pisco, fresh lime or lemon juice, sugar and egg white.

The Pisco Sour Cocktail (Коктейль  Писко Сауэр)

Pisco Sour

60 ml Pisco
30 ml simple syrup
30 ml fresh lime juice
30 ml egg white
Shake thoroughly all ingredients in shaker with a lot of cubed ice. Before shaking with ice you may use “dry shake” – shake all ingredients in shaker without ice. Strain cocktail in sour-glass and garnish with several drop (or dash) of Angostura bitters on the top.

The Pisco Sour Cocktail is dreamlike cocktail. It is wonderful, beautiful and miraculous :) The Pisco Sour Cocktail has very smooth, silk-smooth, perfectly balanced sweet and sour taste with great muscat palate.

The second cocktail with pisco is Pisco Punch. The Pisco Sour and Pisco Punch are too similar but it is two different cocktails. Pisco Punch was created by American barman Duncan J. Nichol aka “Pisco John,” at his San Francisco bar called the Bank Exchange at middle of 1940-s. The key ingredient of Pisco Punch is pineapple flavored sugar syrup.

The Pisco Punch (Пунш Писко)

Pisco Punch

60 ml pisco
30 ml pineapple flavored sugar syrup
30 ml fresh lemon juice
2 pices of pineapple
30 ml water (optional)
Muddle fresh pineapple with syrup, add another ingredients and shake. Strain into highball with ice or serve in punch cup. Garnish with pineapple wedge.

For preparation of pineapple flavored sugar syrup first prepare rich sugar syrup 2:1. Take ripe pineapple and cut it into cubes, slices or chunks. Marinate the pineapple pieces with sugar syrup (orange peel, orange juices or cloves – optional) up to 12-24 hours in cold place.

The Pisco Punch is great drink too. It has interesting sweet and sour taste with muscat-pineapple palate. It is great summer drink.

Capel Pisco Paradise

Recipe of this cocktail was found in one of my new book. This sweet cocktail is good for romantic saturday night.


Capel Pisco Paradise

50 ml pisco
25 ml peach liqueur
15 ml grenadine
20 ml cream
Shake. Serve in old-fashioned glass with crushed ice. Garnish with cherries.

Not so bad, but so sweet!

New Yorker

Today I was purshased very interesting thing – the bottle of CAPEL Pisco Reservado. Pisco is specific grape brendy produced in Peru and Chile from muscat grape and aged in figuline which are coated with wax.


Signature cocktail for Pisco is Pisco Sour, Pisco Punch, Pisco Bum… But I think
that it is non original. What why I prepare enother drink.


New Yorker (exotic)

20 ml Galliano
30 ml pisco
30 ml fresh grapefruit juice
15 ml fresh lime juice
10 ml gomme syrup
Shake. Cocktail glass.