Daiquiri Blossom

From Cocktail and Mixed Drinks by Anthony Hogg (1979).  Some times ago I post Daiquiri Grapefruit Blossom which have so similar ingridients.


Daiquiri Blossom

35 ml white rum
35 ml orange juice
1 dash maraschino liqueur
Shake. Cocktail glass.

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  1. Fresh orange juice is ambiguous thing, I think. Fresh juice from ripe fresh fruits in season has sweet taste and make all drink very delicious. But if fruits have bad quality fresh juice has sour and sometime with bitterness… All of this may be cause of unpleasant taste of very delicious cocktails. I always taste fresh juice and if it is necessary add some sugar syrup…

    This cocktail has rum and citrus taste without excess sweeternes or sour. Taste has some bitter note from maraschino in the end.

    In Daiquiri Grapefruit Blossom which have similar volume I use 3 dash of maraschino liqueur and it work well. So in this case we may to increase of quantity of maraschino for more sweet (and more floral) taste.

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