Only one sting of Scorpion, please, and…

I interested very much for compose overpowering drink last summer. I try many variations of Hurricane (from 2 oz to 8 oz of rum), Mai Tai, Fog Cutter… But I missed one interesting drink – Scorpion. Is modern classic cocktail was invented somewhere in California (it is right?). It is very refreshing taste and effect like scorpion sting (but no deathful). Unfortunately I don`t have time for good investigation of this cocktail.



60 ml light or gold rum
30 ml brandy
15 ml orgeat
60 ml fresh orange juice
45 ml fresh lemon juice
Blend with a lot of ice. Serve in highball glass with ice, garnish with flag and something like this…

I use Angostura 1919 Premium rum from Trinidad and 100 g of crushed ice. The result is extremely tasty and refreshing.

Tequila Fresa

Another beautifull strawberry cocktail for St. Valentins Day (or 8 March Day…).


Tequila Fresa

45 ml tequila
20 ml strawberry liqueur
15 ml fresh lime juice
2 dash orange bitters
Shake. Cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon twist and strawberry.


Actually I don`t have orange bitters in my liquor cabinet. Therefor I prepare a substitute of it as described here.

Strawberry Kiss

This cocktail has sweet, but no mawkish taste. Ideal concoction for lovers, which hate a irish creams ;)


Strawberry Kiss

30 ml strawberry liqueur
15 ml light rum
15 ml kirsch
15 ml fresh orange juice
7 ml fresh lemon juice
Shake. Cocktail glass. Garnish with a strawberry.