English Rose Cocktail

One of Rose on my blog :) This interesting recipe is splendiferous [wtf???!!!] chance to use one of my fovorite liqueur – Parfait Amour.

The English Rose Cocktail (Коктейль Английская Роза)

English Rose

50 ml gin
20 ml dry vermouth
15 ml Parfait Amour
7.5 ml lemon juice
1 dash grenadine syrup
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain in to a cocktail glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

This cocktail has so dry and eccentric taste. Real English Rose, I think!


Grand Marnier is unique old European liqueur based on best oranges and cognac. Grand Marnier is pure pleasure in a glass and I love this liquor in a cocktails. This interesting cocktail with simple but very inviting composition was found on Esquire Drink Database. I read very interesting story about this cocktail by Wondrich :)

The Batiste Cocktail (Коктейль Батист)


50 ml white rum
25 ml Grand Marnier
Shake. Cocktail glass.

Batiste Cocktail has rich strong and sweet taste. It is gorgeous cocktails! This cocktail is my symbol of La Dolce Vita.

209 East Cocktail

This Dale`s DeGroff creation has strange name and very … actually… perspective composotion :) Worth to try, I think!

The 209 East Cocktail created by Dale DeGroff (Очень красивый коктейль в необычном бокале)

209 East Cocktail

60 ml tequila Sauza Hornitos
30 ml Cointreau
15 ml strawberry liqueur
30 ml fresh lime juice
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

I use tequila Leyenda Del Milagro Reposado (100% de Agave) instead Sauza Hornitos. This cocktail is so good :) … But it is *hidden* strawberry margarita :)