MxMo XLI Vodka Is Your Friend: Black Russian and White Russian (with a little Magic)

This MxMo XLI “Vodka Is Your Friend” dedicate to one of my favorite strong alcoholic beverage – vodka. Vodka (or in ukrainian tradition is spelled as gorilka) is strong colorless and tastless beverage which made from neutral refined (rectified) spirit obtained as a rule from grain (rye or wheat). Our tradition of vodka consumption is very interesting and connected with traditional ukrainian hospitality, lavishness and friendliness. Usually we drink about 0,5 l vodka per man in one evening with large meal and pleasure talk. Such tradition called “bukhat` s drugom”.

But for my blog I use vodka for many delicious cocktails. In this post I investigate some cocktail with “russian” name – Black Russian (great classic digestive cocktail) and its famous cousin – White Russian.

One of first scene with Black Russian Cocktail we can see in the Ninotchka (1939) movie with great Gretta Garbo as russian komissar Ninotchka (see also another great vodka cocktail). This cocktail is simple but elegant combination of quality vodka and coffee liqueur. In my liquor cabinet I have two famous coffee liqueur – mexican liqueur from pure Arabica coffee – Kahlua and jamaican liqueur from Blue Montain coffee – Tia Maria. Usually cocktail Black Russian are prepared as build cocktail, but some connoisseur advise to use shake.

The Black Russian (Коктейль Черный Русский)

Black Russian

45 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur (Kahlua)
Build over ice on a rocks glass. No garnish.


Another Black Russian

45 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur (Tia Maria)
Shake. Cocktail glass, maraschino cherry for garnish.

Black Russian Cocktail is sweet digestive (afterdinner) cocktail with bright taste of coffee. My choice is Black Russian Cocktail with Tia Maria liqueur, shaken. It is great very smooth, sweet and little dry cocktail. It has so complex taste with note of rum, sugarcane and vanilla. But it is no so black :)

This cocktail with a dash of fresh lemon juice turn into Black Magic Cocktail.

The Black Magic Cocktail (Коктейль Черная Магия)

Black Magic

45 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur
1 dash fresh lemon juice
Build in ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

It is great, smooth anв very pleasant afterdinner cocktail with interesting taste of coffee.

The Black Russian Cocktail with cream turn into White Russian Cocktail (Black Russian with White Cap if it are preparing as build :). This cocktail is so popular, some Dude consume nine the same during one film :)

The White Russian Cocktail (Коктейль Белый Русский)

White Russian

40 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur
20 ml light cream
Build (shake). Rocks glass.

This cocktail is sweet and creamy booze. It is no my choice, but if you, dude, like sweet and creamy stuff is your choice… :)

4 Replies to “MxMo XLI Vodka Is Your Friend: Black Russian and White Russian (with a little Magic)”

  1. Не люблю ни кофейный ликер, ни сливки в коктейлях… Но водку как базовый алкоголь почитаю как волшебное средство отразить и усилить вкус остальных ингредиентов.
    Отдельное спасибо автору за восьмимартовский пост – Катеньку, великолепный в своей лаконичности коктейль на основе водки, я пью регулярно и с удовольствием.

  2. Очень по душе подача “Белого русского” со слоём сливок сверху.Готовим в баре только так и гостям говорим,что лучше не перемешивать,а пить через край небольшими глотками:-)

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