MxMo XLV: Tea – Eglish Cobbler

This MxMo (hosted by Frederic & company at Cocktail Virgin Slut has very interesting theme – tea. Tea, as it strikes me, is not widespread ingredients of cocktail. I know a few cocktail with tea but never prepare or taste they. But I like tea and like cocktails and then participate!

Actually I am a big fan of tea, but only one kind of tea – I love strong, sweet and hot black tea – I love russian tea (without lemon ;) ). This is my method of making the tea:

The glass of russian tea in vintage tea cup holder (Стакан чая в советском подстаканнике)

How make the tea like a kiss (russian method): Please use only best quality black whole leaf tea. Please use thin-walled porcelain teapot. Take a teaspoonful of tea per one cup of tea (200 ml). Give a swill teapot with boiling water (and warm up). Then put tea in the teapot and warm up during half of minute. Then pour over tea boiling water (half of teapot), close teapot and cover the teapot with linen towel. Wait 3 minutes and add boiling water for full teapot. Wait 3-5 minutes. You may see white foam on the surface of tea if you make all right. This foam is significative of tea quality and proper making. The properly making tea must be like a kiss – strong, sweet, hot. I use that sort of tea for this cocktail:

The English Cobbler Cocktail garnished with cape gooseberry (Коктейль Английский Кобблер украшенный физалисом)

English Cobbler

15 ml fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp. sugar
30 ml strong tea
60 ml Jamaica rum
Build. Serve in highball glass with crushed ice. Garnish with berry. Serve with straws.

It is my first cobbler. Actually cobbler garnish with berry – something like blackberry and raspberry, but I garnish my first cobbler with another berry – cape gooseberry :)

The English Cobbler is interesting cocktail. It has so strong and a little bit tart taste with great rum palate. I use two my rums in this cocktail – sweet and aromatic cuban rum Varadero Oro 5 Anos and awesome Demerara rum – rich, smooth and complex El Dorado 15 y.o. Both cocktails are admiable! I can make the next conclusion – good rums with good tea is good idea :)

Hotel Drake Vesuvius

This variation of classic tropic cocktail Planter`s Punch with pompous name was found on my favorite Cocktail DB.

The Hotel Drake Vesuvius Cocktail (тропический коктейль)

Hotel Drake Vesuvius

30 ml gold rum
30 ml Jamaica rum
30 ml fresh lemon juice
45 ml fresh orange juice
15 ml grenadine
1/2 tsp. sugar
Shake. Strain in highball glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with fruit and mint sprig.

I use my new rum Bacardi Reserva as gold rum and El Dorado Demerara Dark Rum instead Jamaica Rum. Also I use unrefined cane sugar which I dissolved in lemon juice before shaking.

The Hotel Drake Vesuvius Cocktail has so sweet and refreshing taste with main palate of rum. It is simple but delicious rum punch.

Zombie (Trader Vic`s)

The source of this interesting version of famous Zombie Cocktail is Bartender’s Guide by Trader Vic, 1947. It contain one of my favorite spirit – Pernod – strong anise flavored liqueur from France. The Zombie is one of my favorite tiki-cocktail.

The Zombie Cocktail in pretty bamboo-glass (Коктейль Зомби в бокале в виде стебля бамбука)

Zombie (Trader Vic`s, 1947)

30 ml dark rum
60 ml Puerto Rican light rum
30 ml orange curacao
30 ml fresh orange juice
30 ml fresh lemon juice
15 ml grenadine
1 dash Pernod
15 ml 151-proof Demerara rum
Mix in a mixing glass with a large piece of ice, stir well and pour over cracked ice in a14 oz. chimney glass. Serve with straw.

I use four rum – dark and heavy rum from Trinidad – Angostura 1919, dark Demerara rum El Dorado Dark, light cuban rum – Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos and 140-proof Demerara Rum El Dorado. I increase amount of Pernod up to 1 tsp for excellent results. Also I use BOLS Dry Orange liqueur, commercial grenadine and fresh juices. I shake this cocktail and serve in my new ceramic mug, garnish with a traditional flag.

The Zombie Cocktail is great drink. Admirable, very booze and very funny cocktail. The Zombie is a Damn Strong Rum Punch! :)