MxMo L: Brown, Bitter and Stirred – Sazerac

The MxMo is back! Great! And the scomorokh is back too :) Actually, the topic of the MxMo August: Brown, Bitter and Stirred is very interesting to me. This MxMo is hosted by Lindsey Johnson from Brown, Bitter and Stirred and thanks for great topic, Lindsey! All these are about a True Cocktail (and it’s my choice by now!) – a mix of aged spirits, bitter and stirred, not shaken! The Connoisseur’s Choice.

I’ve been dreaming about this cocktail for the long, very long time. But rye is absolutely unavailable in Ukraine by now also Peychaud’s bitters is. But! Thanks God, I have met a few great people in my way who presented me a bottle of great rye – Wild Turkey Rye 101 proof and a bottle of Peychaud`s. Thanks, companeros!

And now I prepare one of my dream-cocktail – the Sazerac. This cocktail was created in the 1850-s in the New Orleans. The creation of this cocktail is associated with a New-Orleans`s pharmacist (and Freemason!) – Antoine Peychaud – the creator of famous bitters. This cocktail is undoubtedly a great thing – it includes so rare and aromatic ingredients, it has an unusual ritual of preparation and it has interesting story.

Sazerac Cocktail |


1 sugar cube
1-2 dash Peychaud’s bitter
1 tsp. water
50 ml rye whiskey
1 bsp. Pernod
Take two rocks glasses. Fill one with ice and soda to chill. In the second glass place sugar cube then add bitter and water. Muddle the sugar and mix all together to dissolve completely. Then add some ice cubes and whiskey. Stir. First chilled glass coat with a dash of Pernod. Strain the cocktail into this Pernod coated glass. Serve without ice! Garnish with a lemon peel.

The Sazerac Cocktail has strong and complex flavour and taste. Actually it’s a great strong cocktail with great compose and high aromatic palate and nose.