My 100$ Mai Tai

How we may read, the secret of a perfect Mai Tai lays in using the best available ingredients which we can find.

Currently I have following “the best ingridients” for a Mai Tai in my liquor cabinet:

8-years aged Trinidad’s premium rum – Angostura 1919 (34$ per 0,7 l bottle)
7-years aged Cuban rum – Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos (27$ per 0,7 l bottle)
BOLS Dry Orange Curacao (15$ per 0,7 l bottle)
MONIN Orgeat Syrup (11$ per 0,7 l bottle)
gomme syrup (homemade, about 5$ per 1 l)
fresh lime juice (25$ per 1 l)

TOTAL: 117 $ :)

Mai Tai for 100$

30 ml white rum (Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos)
30 ml dark rum (Angostura 1919)
15 ml orange curacao (BOLS Dry Orange)
5 ml orgeat
5 ml gomme syrup
30 ml fresh lime juice
Shake with a lot of ice and some pieces of lime peel. Strain over ice in an Old-fashioned glass with cracked ice, garnish with a lime wedge and a cherry.

The result really tastes for 100$! Very fresh drink with bright rum taste. Maybe it is a little bit sweeter than I prefer.

2 Replies to “My 100$ Mai Tai”

  1. Thanks for the comment. Actually, it was one of the first Mai Tai recipes which I tested. Now in my Supre Mai-Tai I use equal amounts of curacao and orgeat plus I use a homemade rock-candy syrup (rich sugar syrup with a hint of vanilla) instead a plain gomme syrup.

  2. Unless it was a typing error, you list 15 ml orange curacao and only 5 ml orgeat. Ideally, the curacao and the orgeat should be in equal proportion (15 ml each). I think you will find the added orgeat with its almond flavor will make it taste less sweet.


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