This version of Zombie cocktail I was found in one book by Salvatore Calabrese. Calabrese say that this is original version of Zombie. I don`t think so, but I can say that this cocktail is very good! :)



30 ml light rum
30 ml gold rum
30 ml dark rum
20 ml cherry brandy
20 ml apricot brandy
100 ml pineapple juice
60 ml fresh orange juice
20 ml fresh lime juice
40 ml fresh papaya juice
1 tsp orgeat
15 ml overproof damerara rum
Shake all ingredients except overproof rum. Serve in tall glass (zombie) or hurricane glass. Float overproof rum, garnish with maraschino cherry, piece of pineapple or lime, or orange and sugar powder.

Admirable! This excellent cocktail has very smooth and well-balanced taste. It is not so sweet many other tiki-cocktail and I think is good.

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