Espresso Martini

В нашем сегодняшнем коктейле есть только слово Мартини, а на самом деле это мега-популярный поп-коктейль сделанный гуру поп-коктейлей всех времен и народов, коктейльной иконой Диком Брадселлом.

К величайшему сожалению, для Дика Брадселла 2016 год стал последним – и это очевидный повод, когда все любители коктейлей должны отдать частичку себя памяти этого легендарного бармена. Патриарх современного коктейльного мира, Дик Брадселл стоял не только у истоков возрождения лондонской коктейльной сцены, но и вообще у самых первых ручейков огромной сейчас и полноводной реки под названием Коктейльный Ренессанс. Человек, который верил в Коктейль тогда, когда никому это не приходило в голову. Человек, который только спокойно улыбался, когда его спрашивали, почему он не хочет найти себе «нормальную работу».

Bradsell's Espresso Martini |

Дик Брадселл был, без сомнения, что-то типа коктейльного бого-человека, который не только придумал замечательные коктейли, ставшие contemporary classic [такие как The Bramble, Treacle или вот наш сегодняшний объект], но еще и выдал несколько дюжин совершенно бессмертных сентенций о коктейлях и работе барменов, которые, по большому счету, иначе как заповедями и не назовешь. Если б я был современным барменом, я бы набил бы это все себе на рукава ;) Ну или хотя бы постарался почитать все и обдумать.

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Pousse Cafe and some modern derivatives

In this post I describe real cock tail – amazing multicolor drink – Pousse Cafe. The Pousse Cafe cocktail is so old creation. This drink was invented in the Europe (France), probably. But we can found suggestions that this cocktail was invented in New Orlean, USA. The first print recipe with illustration I was found in the great How to Mix Drinks, or the Bon-Vivant’s Companion by Jerry Thomas in 1862. Layered cocktail with name Pousse l’Amour consist of brandy, two liqueurs and egg yolk. The real fancy drink! The Gary Regan in yours The Joy of Mixology specify that Pousse Cafe are drinks made by floating one ingredient on top of another, or several others, to create a multilayered effect.

Pousse Cafe -	Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (Слоистый коктейль - Каждый охотник желает знать, где сидит фазан)

Actually this drink has awesome look. It is real rainbow in your glass. But the taste of this cocktail may be frustrating. This drink as a rule consist of sweet liqueur without any diluent. I hope it may be great digestive in some case. Now the Pousse Cafe cocktail has many modern reincarnation in so popular layered shooters.

The greatest modern Pousse Cafe is B-52 cocktail. This cocktail was created at Alice’s Restaurant in Malibu, USA, in 1972 or at the Keg Steakhouse in Calgary, Canada in 1977. This child of Cold War consist of Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream and Grand Marnier (the mnemonic: The B52 bomber Kills Bad Guys). Now I propose to explore some another popular modern shooters, several from them are variations of B-52.

The five layered shoters (Пять слоистых коктейлей)


10 ml Kahlua
10 ml Galliano
10 ml Hennessy VS Cognac
Layer in the order given in a pousse-cafe glass (or in the liqueur glass, or shooter, or sherry glass).

For preparation this beautiful cocktail you should have steady hand, bar spoon and acceptable 1 or 2 ounce Pousse Cafe glass or something similar like sherry glass, shooter or liqueur glass. Pour first ingredient into glass then you insert the spoon into glass as far as it will go, with the back side of the bowl facing up. Pour next layer slowly and carafully. Repeat if required.

Bumble Bee

10 ml Kahlua
10 ml sambuca
10 ml Irish cream liqueur
Layer in the order given in an appropriate glass.

Slippery Nipple

5 ml grenadine
15 ml sambuca
10 ml Irish Cream liqueur
Layer in the order given in an appropriate glass.

Monkey Lunch aka Banana Sandwich

10 ml Kahlua
10 ml creme de banane
10 ml Irish Cream liqueur
Layer in the order given in an appropriate glass.

French Kiss

10 ml amaretto liqueur
10 ml Frangelico
10 ml Irish Cream Liqueur
Layer in the order given in an appropriate glass.

All of this cocktails are working. My choice is K.G.B. and French Kiss. And the Slippery Nipple has best look in this company.

And in the conclusion we explore two real infante terrible of the cocktail world, two ugly concoctions in the cyberpunk style – the Brain Haemorrhage and Hiroshima shooters.

Two shooters - the Brain Haemorrhage and the Hiroshima (Два коктейля-шутера - Опухоль Мозга и Хиросима)

Brain Haemorrhage

10 ml grenadine
30 ml peach schnapps
20 ml Irish Cream liqueur
Layer in the order given in tall shooter glass. Then drop few grenadine on top.

The taste of this potion is very, may be extremely sweet and it has absolutely ugly appearance.

Hiroshima Shooter

20 ml sambuca
20 ml Irish Cream liqueur
20 ml absinthe (XENTA Absenta)
Layer in the order given in tall shooter glass. Then drop few grenadine on top. Flame the absinthe and serve with dramatic laughter.

It is one of the most disgusting libations that I ever taste. It is awful drink.

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MxMo XLI Vodka Is Your Friend: Black Russian and White Russian (with a little Magic)

This MxMo XLI “Vodka Is Your Friend” dedicate to one of my favorite strong alcoholic beverage – vodka. Vodka (or in ukrainian tradition is spelled as gorilka) is strong colorless and tastless beverage which made from neutral refined (rectified) spirit obtained as a rule from grain (rye or wheat). Our tradition of vodka consumption is very interesting and connected with traditional ukrainian hospitality, lavishness and friendliness. Usually we drink about 0,5 l vodka per man in one evening with large meal and pleasure talk. Such tradition called “bukhat` s drugom”.

But for my blog I use vodka for many delicious cocktails. In this post I investigate some cocktail with “russian” name – Black Russian (great classic digestive cocktail) and its famous cousin – White Russian.

One of first scene with Black Russian Cocktail we can see in the Ninotchka (1939) movie with great Gretta Garbo as russian komissar Ninotchka (see also another great vodka cocktail). This cocktail is simple but elegant combination of quality vodka and coffee liqueur. In my liquor cabinet I have two famous coffee liqueur – mexican liqueur from pure Arabica coffee – Kahlua and jamaican liqueur from Blue Montain coffee – Tia Maria. Usually cocktail Black Russian are prepared as build cocktail, but some connoisseur advise to use shake.

The Black Russian (Коктейль Черный Русский)

Black Russian

45 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur (Kahlua)
Build over ice on a rocks glass. No garnish.


Another Black Russian

45 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur (Tia Maria)
Shake. Cocktail glass, maraschino cherry for garnish.

Black Russian Cocktail is sweet digestive (afterdinner) cocktail with bright taste of coffee. My choice is Black Russian Cocktail with Tia Maria liqueur, shaken. It is great very smooth, sweet and little dry cocktail. It has so complex taste with note of rum, sugarcane and vanilla. But it is no so black :)

This cocktail with a dash of fresh lemon juice turn into Black Magic Cocktail.

The Black Magic Cocktail (Коктейль Черная Магия)

Black Magic

45 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur
1 dash fresh lemon juice
Build in ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

It is great, smooth anв very pleasant afterdinner cocktail with interesting taste of coffee.

The Black Russian Cocktail with cream turn into White Russian Cocktail (Black Russian with White Cap if it are preparing as build :). This cocktail is so popular, some Dude consume nine the same during one film :)

The White Russian Cocktail (Коктейль Белый Русский)

White Russian

40 ml vodka
20 ml coffee liqueur
20 ml light cream
Build (shake). Rocks glass.

This cocktail is sweet and creamy booze. It is no my choice, but if you, dude, like sweet and creamy stuff is your choice… :)