Treasure Island Special

This (I think so) tiki-cocktail was found on my favorite CocktailDB. It has some strange things in recipe. 15 ml of sugar… Hm-m-m-m… 1 oz of simple syrup? It seems so (very!!!) sweet drink, but I use sweetened pineapple juice and no sugar :)

Treasure Island Special

30 ml light rum
30 ml Jamaican rum
7 ml orange curacao
7 ml peach brandy
15 ml fresh lime juice
60 ml pineapple juice
15 ml sugar
2 drops Angostura bitters
Shake. Strain over ice in a double rocks glass.

Admirable! Treasure Island Special Cocktail is well-balanced and has very interesting piquant rum flavor.

Bloody Sun

This concoction is one of the rare case to use Bols Red Orange. Unintelligible cocktail was found on Drinksmixer – a dump of strange cocktail recipe.


Bloody Sun

20 ml gin
20 ml Bols Red Orange liqueur
10 ml Cointreau
orange juice
Shake gin, orange liqueur and cointreau. Pour into a glass filled with ice cubes and fill with orange juice. Old-Fashioned glass.

It is ordinary “tropical” drink with light, sweet and citrus taste. Nothing special.

MxMo XXXII Guilty Pleasures – Kalimotxo

This MxMo host is Two at the Most and he propose very intriguing theme – Guilty Pleasures. I think about this several days… As you can see – you can find on my blog different recipes. For example you can find on my blog cocktails with irish cream… or shooters with tequila… or Long Island Iced Tea with all variations (explicit names includes)…

The recipe of this drink I found on now defunct Martini Republic (if I not mistaken) several years ago. This simple concoction is my “number one choice” for outdoor party all this time.


1 part ordinary red dry wine (preferable spanish)
1 part Coca Cola
Build. Plastic bottle. No garnish.

Take 1 litre wine and 2-litre bottle of cola. Pour out about half cola and fill with wine. Chill and drink. Enjoy! (This video will help you to understand real kalimotxo-mood.

:) Am I in topic?