This elegant cocktail was invented in lobby-bar Savoy Hotel (not Claridge as you may reflect!). Claridge Cocktail has very interesting and real taste. I think it is ideal on after work evening or romantic night.


30 ml gin
30 ml dry vermouth
15 ml Cointreau
15 ml apricot brandy
Shake. Cocktail glass.

Admirable! Claridge Cocktail has unique rich sweet taste. Actually the taste of Claridge Cocktail not depend on its coldness – this cocktail has very good taste at room temperature.

2 Replies to “Claridge”

  1. Чудесным образом, у меня как раз в наличии все компоненты :)
    Не приходило в голову мешать драй мартини с априкот бренди… стоит попробовать.

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